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Das Repertoire, dass sich Inda Musik Orchester im Laufe seines Wirkens zusammen gestellt hat...

Alphabetischer Überblick

20th Centure Fox Fanfare (2016)

A Christmas Portrait - Hal Leonard /arr. Jerry Nowak (Concert Band Series) (2010)
A Day Of Hope - Fritz Neuböck (2014)
A Discovery Fantasy - Jan de Haan (Introduction Theme) (2009)
Adam´s Song - Louis Adam /arr. Robert van Beringen (2008)
African Symphony - Van  McCoy /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2015)
Aladdin - Alan Menken, Tim Rice /arr. John Glesnek Mortimer (2018)
Allegro in C - W. A. Mozart /arr. Hector Sevillanas (For Symphonic Band) (2010)
An American in Paris - George Gershwin /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2017)
Angels From The Realms Of Glory - CD Cristmas Joy /arr. Roland Kernen (2017)
Apollo Myth And Legend - Rob Romeyn (ASCAP) (2014)
Arioso - J. S. Bach /arr. Jacob de Haan (2015)
Arsenal - Jan van der Roost (2018)

Beauty And The Beast - Howard Ashman and Alan Menken /arr. Toshio Mashima (for Concert Band) (2010)
Benny Goodman: The King of Swing - arr. Paul Murtha (2019)
Beyond The Sea - Robbie Williams /arr. Steve McMillan (for Concert Band) (2010)
Black Jack - Johan Evenepoel (2010)
Bloemen-Walz - P. I. Tschaikowsky /arr. Alfons Dreissen (2014)
Bohemian Rhapsody - Freddy Mercury /arr. Paul Murtha (2013)

Caravans Theme - Mike Bat /arr. Marcel Saure (2011, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
Caribbean Variation (On a Tune) - Jacob de Haan (2013)
Chattanooga Choo Choo - Harry Warren, Mack Gordon /arr. Michael Story (2014)
Children Of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2013, 2018)
Chicago - arr. John Wasson (2017)
Circus Bee - Henry Fillmore /arr. Calvin Custer (2010)
Classic Tune - Georg Stich (Prelude for Band) (2010)
Clenn Beats The Battle Of Jericho - Jeff Penders (2010)
Concerto D´Amore - Jacob de Haan (2010, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
Copacabana - B. Manilow, B. Sussman,  J. Feldmann /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2012)

Disney Fantasy - arr. Naohiro Iwai (2014)
Duke Ellington In Concert - Duke Ellington /arr. Paul Murtha (2018)

Eighties Flashback - arr. Paul Murtha (2011)
Elisabeth The Musical - Sylvester Levay & Michael Kunze /arr. Johan de Meij (2012)
Elisabeth - Sylvester Levay & Michael Kunze /arr. Johan de Meij (2017)
Espana Walzer - Emil Waldteufel /arr. Vaclav Hybs und Freek Mestrini (2013, 2015, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
Evil Ways - Sonny Henry /arr. Michael Brown (2011)

Fame - M. Gore & D.Pitchford /arr. Frank Bernaerts (Theme from the Television Series) (2013)
Fiesta Della Costa - Luc Gistel (2007)
Final Countdown - Joey Tempest /arr. Jonnie Vinson (2014)
Flashdance... What A Feeling! - Giorgio Moroder /Jerry Nowak (from the movie Flashdance) (2011)
Forrest Gump Suite - A. Silvestri /arr. C. Custer (2015)
Free World Fantasy - Jaco de Haan (2008)
Funk Attack - Otto M. Schwarz (Dedicated to Alexander Veit and his "Symphonic Winds") (2014)

Gabriella´s Sang - Stefan Nilsson, Py Bäckman /arr. Lars Erik Gudim (2016)
Game of Thrones - Ramin Djawadi /arr. Frank Bernaerts (2017)
Glasnost - arr. Dizzy Stratford (2019)
Glenn Beats The Battle Of Jericho - Jef Penders (2007)
Goldeneye - Bono & The Edge /arr. Joe Grain for Band (Theme from the James Bond Film) (2012)
Gonna Fly Now - Conti, Conners, Robbins /arr. John Glenesk Mortimer (2016)
Grease! - Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs /arr. John Moos (2014)
Groove Academy - M. Götz (2015, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)

Highlights From Exodus - Ernest Gold /arr. Alfred Reed (2016)
Highlights From Harry Potter - John Williams /arr. Michael Story (2016)
Highlights From Lord Of The Rings /The Fellowship Of The Ring - Howard Shore /arr. Ralph Ford (2016)
Henry Mansini Portrait - Zusammenstellung und Bearbeitung: Manfred Schneider (2010, 2014)
Hercules - Alan Menken /arr. Calvin Custer (Highlighs from W. Disney Pictures´ HERCULES) (2019)
Hit The Road Jack - Peter Gunn /arr. Anthony Kosko (2008)
Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Johannes Brams /arr. Mike Hannickel (2012)
Hochzeitsmarsch aus "Ein Sommernachtstraum" - F. Mendelssohn-Barthoidy, Op. 61 N.9 /bearb. W. Schwittmann (2008)
How To Rtain Your Dragon - John Powell /arr. Sean O´Loughlin (2018)

I Remember Clifford - Benny Golson /arr. Toshio Mashima (2009)
Imagasy - arr. Thiemo Kraas (2019)
Instant Concert - Harold L. Ealters (2008)
Instant Swing Concert - arr. Eric Osterling (2009)
In The Mood - Joe Garland /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2015 Jubiläumskonzert)

James Bond 007, Selection - arr. Lars Erik Gudim (2016)
Jazz Waltz No.1 - Otto M. Schwarz (2012)
Jesus Christ Superstar - Andrew Lloyd Webber /Hautvast (2010)
Joe Cocker - arr. Norbert Studnitzky (2017)

La Storia - Jacob de Haan (2017)
Land Of Hope And Glory - Edward Elgar (die "zweite englische Nationalhymne") (2010)
Les Miserables - arr. W. Barker (2015)
Let It Shine! (This Little Light Of Mine) - arr. James l. Hosay (2008)
Let Me Phone You - Luigi di Ghisallo (Solo for two Saxophones and Band) (2013)
Lord Of The Dance - Ronan Hardiman (Highlighs from M.Flatley's "Lord of the Dance") /arr. Frank Bernaerts (2010)

Masquerade - Aram Khachaturian (Suite from the Music for the Drama by M.Lermontov) (2011)
Masquerade Suite Waltz - Aram Khachaturian ("Waltz" from the Masquerade Suite) (2011)
Mission - Impossible Theme - Lalo Schifrin /arr. Paul Murtha (2013)
Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller /arr.  Jerome Thomas (for Wind Band) (2008)
Music - John Miles /arr. Philip Sparke (2015 Jubiläumskonzert)

Nessaja - Peter Maffay / arr. K. Gäble (2015)

O Occhi, Manza Mia - ital. Madrigale (Musik - mehrstimmiges/-r Vokalstück /Canzone - Song) (2009)
One Moment In Time - Albert Hammond & John Bettis /arr. John Higgins (Whitney Houston, 1988 Summer Olympics) (2009)
Orlando Suite - arr. Jan de Haan (Chanson Allemande/German Song/Deutsches Lied) (2008)
Oye Como Va - Tito Puente /arr. Michael Brown (2014)

Pachelbel´s Canon - Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) (Based on J.Pachelbels famous "Canon in D") /arr. Steve Cortland (2008)
Parade Of Glory (Scotland the Brave and the Black Bear) - arr. Heinz Briegel (2010)
Pink Panther Theme - Henry Mancini /arr. Anders Widesrtand (2011)
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Klaus Badelt (W. Disney Pictures´ Pirates Of The Caribbean) /arr. Ted Ricketts (2012)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End - Hans Zimmer /arr. Jay Bacook (2017)

Saxo-Time - T. Dawitt /arr. H. J. Rhinow (2015)
Saxophone Date - Manfred Schneider (Solo for 3-5 Saxophones with Band Accompaniment) (2012)
Selections From Cats - Andrew Lloyd Webber (From the Broadway Musikal CATS) /arr. John Edmondson (2008)
Selections From Starlight Express - Hal Leonard Concert Band Series /arr. Jerry Nowak (2014)
Selections From Tarzan - Phil Collins (From Walt Disney Pictures´ TARZAN) /arr. Michael Sweeney (2011)
September - Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis /arr. Paul Murtha (2014)
Set Fire To The Rain - Adele Adkins and Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith /arr. Jan van Kraeydonck (2013)
Shalom! - Suite of Israeli Folk Songs /arr. Philip Sparke (2019)
Sinatra In Concert - arr. Jerry Nowak (2015, 2017)
Skyfall - Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth /arr. Jay Bocook (2014)
Slawischer Tanz Nr. 4 - Antonin Dvorak, Op. 46 (Slavonic Dance No. 4) /arr. Siegmund Goldhammer (2012)
Slawischer Tanz Nr. 8 - Antonin Dvorak, Op. 46 (Slavonic Dance No. 8) /arr. Vladimir Studniĉka (2013)
Smooth - Itaal Shur & RobThomas /arr. Michael Story (as performed by Santana) (2012)
Song And Samba - Luiz Bonfa, arr. Naohiro Iwai (2007, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones /arr. Masato Myokoin (2013)
Sounth Rampart Street Parade - Ray Bauduc & Bob Haggart /arr. Naohiro Iwai (2011)
Spanish Dance - Carl Wittrock (For Englisch Horn or Alto Saxophone and Concert Band) (2007)
Spirit Of Live - arr. Johan Nijs (2008)
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond /arr. Johnnie Vinson (2009)
Symphony Of Hope - Kurt Gäble (For Concert Band) (2013, 2018)
Swingtime For Clarinets (Solo For Clarinets Wits Band Accompaniment) - arr. Erwin Jahreis (2009)

Tanz Der Vampire - Jim Steinmann, arr. W.Wössner (2007, 2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
Teamwork (Moderne Ouverture) - Manfred Schneider (2016)
Tequila - Chuck Rio /arr. Franz Watz (2011)
The Blues Brothers Revue - arr. Jay Bocock (2016)
The Blues Factory - arr. Jacob de Haan (2018)
The Genius Of Ray Charles - arr. Michael Brown (2013)
The Great Locomotive Chase - Robert W. Smith (ASCAP)
The Lion King - Soundtrack Highlights /arr. Calvin Custe (2011)
The Lord Of The Rings - Johan de Meij /arr. Paul Lavender (Excerpts from Symphony No.1) (2008)
The Mission - Ennio Morricone /arr. Frank Bernaerts (2015 Jubiläumskonzert)
The Muppets - Jim Henson, Sam Pottie und Piero Umillani /arr. Jonny Ocean (2013)
The Phantom Of The Opera - Andrew Lloyd Webber /arr. Johan de Meij (2016)
The Second Waltz - Dimitri Shostakovitch (From Jazz Suite No.2) /arr. Andre Waignein (2008)
The Star Wars Saga - John Williams /arr. Michael Story (2016)
The Typewriter - Leroy Anderson /H. V. D. Heide (2012)
The Wizard Of Oz - Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg /arr. James Barnes (For Symphonic Band) (2011, 2018)
Tijuana Taxi - Bud Coleman /arr. Inge Sunde (2007)
Toccata In D-Minor - J. S .Bach /arr. Ray Farr & Kevin Lamb (2007, 2017)
Total Toto - Paich, Porcaro, Lukather /arr. Klaas van der Woude (2018)

Variazion In Blue - Jacob de Haan (Festival Series 11) (2015 Jubiläumskonzert)

We´re All Alone - arr. Kosuke Onozaki (2008)
West Side Story (A Symphonic Portrait) - Leonard Bernstein /arr. Manfred Schneider (2015)
William Tell Overture (Finale) - G. Rossini /arr. Robert Longfield (2015 Jubiläumskonzert)

Yaketiy Sax - James Rich & Randy Rondolph /arr. Michael Smith (2013)

Wenn du dir irgendetwas ganz fest wünscht, dann lass es frei - kehrt es zu dir zurück, dann gehört es dir wirklich, kehrt es nicht zu dir zurück, hat es dir sowieso nicht gehört